The Weeknd "In The Night" (BRTHR, dir.)

If the song reminds you of Michael Jackson, then maybe the video will strike a "Smooth Criminal" chord, but only if you amp up the madness, the violence, the sex and the style. "In The Night" is a complex and nightmarish blast from the brains of BRTHR that's an homage to the past, but a decided step forward into the future.

Ben Khan "Youth" (BRTHR, dir.)

The rule of Chekhov's Gun says if we see a gun in the first act, we better see it get used in the third. It doesn't typically apply to music videos, for lots of reasons, but most depressingly because so much imagery in our field is nothing more than simplistic posturing. Directing team BRTHR know better, and although we never see the gun go off or the knife go stab, it's very clear that they have an awful payoff planned for this twisted love story.