ROSALÍA, Rauw Alejandro "Vampiros" (Stillz, dir.)

STILLZ directs the superstar couple as they parade the moonlit streets of Barcelona on the hunt for their next victims. The love song is extracted from the highly anticipated joint EP ‘RR’, released by Spanish and Puerto Rican duo on March 24. Shot in Barcelona in February, the clip is a continuation of CANADA’s close relationship with Rosalía since her emergence as an international star and is the second CANADA production made with one of the newest names on the directing roster, Miami’s STILLZ - following ‘Motomami - TikTok Live Performance’, a unique live-streamed experience with nominations at the Grammys, Latin Grammys and the MTV EMAs. ‘Vampiros’ features the streets of Raval and Bar Marsella, said to be the city’s very first bar. Clientele like Picasso and Hemingway frequented the absinthe locale, where the vamp couple express their undying devotion.

By CANADA - on April 25, 2023 @ 4:51am PDT

Tame Impala "The Less I Know The Better" (Canada, dir.) [NSFW]

Teenage love can be tricky when it involves the star basketball player, the head cheerleader and the team's apeman mascot. And it can exquisitely trippy and beautiful when told by directing squad CANADA with healthy doses of perversion, psychedelia and perfection.

Lope Serrano, CANADA co-director:  "The first thought that came to our mind was to do something colourful and sexy. Pretty close to the psychedelic spirit of the band. Allen Jones, Guy Peellaert and the book Electrical Banana were the first references we wanted to evoke. Pouring paint on an invisible body is maybe the best way to visualize this first insight.

After these first inputs came the character’s playground, the need of a human map where this formal approach could happen. We like to draw and some of our drawings are a mix between soft eroticism and basketball. We not sure exactly why, but we like this aesthetic coexistence. The narrative pretext came from this source: a love triangle between a basketball player, a cheerleader and the team’s mascot, an apeman called Trevor. Obviously, we were working through the lyrics of the song at this stage.

Even though the narrative side is not the heaviest part of our proposal (and the music video code often invites you to a pleasant narrative disconnection) we were interested on establishing, at least, a stream of interest between the characters: he loves her but she prefers another one, so, as the title says, the less this guy knows about her and him, the better. Which is something quite difficult when precisely you’re aware of it.

The point of view of the song, however, seems to take the drama out of the issue. So, balancing the whole thing, we hope that the final work, ironic, colourful and hairy, wins the battle of being interesting beyond the plot line."