Chris Harrison

Ibeyi "River" (Ed Morris, dir.)

Rattling Stick director Ed Morris creates a promo for XL’s new signing - Cuban French twins Ibeyi. The film plays on the theme of baptism central to the new release -‘River’ and shows the duo submerged in water and emerging to sing lines from the track.

The film is compelling and charged, with the girls holding their breath under water for up to a minute or more between verses. Wearing plain white shirts and minimal make up, the film expresses the sole intention of allowing the audience to see the girls in their pure form, their voices encapsulating the listener.

We Are Shining "Killing" (Ed Morris, dir.)

London: 30th January 2014. Rattling Stick director, Ed Morris, enters the world of Music Video creating and directing a compelling film for new artist We Are Shining featuring Eliza Doolittle. The track is called ‘Killing’.

This promo capitalizes on the power of viral marketing to reach an audience beyond its current fan base. It presents itself as a piece of highly share-worthy content into which the music features as an integral part of the idea.

Rudimental "Powerless" (David Edwards, dir.)

Rattling Stick director, David Edwards, creates and directs a compelling film for Rudimental, featuring twin boxers, The Burrell Brothers. 

This promo follows the Burrell Twins as they approach their title fight in New York. It is a mesmerizing and emotional short film that follows the build up and eventual fight from the perspective of the twins, their family and their past.

A few lines from David Edwards: