Clément Oberto

Mr Flash "Cream" (Clément Oberto, dir.)

« Cream » is an audiovisual poem about loneliness and the passage of time. A sensual but apocalyptic vision in Santa Monica.

Directed and produced by Clément Oberto Original soundtrack by Mr Flash Starring - Jane Cogger Director of photography - Ernesto Lomeli Title design - L'Encreur Stylist - Laura Brody Make-up - Melodie Gore Thanks to - Roxanne & Joe

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PREMIERE: Lofty305 x Torus "Echosexxx" (Clément Oberto, dir.) -NSFW-

“It’s dedicated to the portrayal of women in the realm of Hip Hop videos. We wanted, for a change, to place the girls in the center— to be the principals. Yes, we love girls and of course they are sexy, but they are not just bodies. We made it a point put their names inside the video because these girls are not just nameless tits and ass, they deserve recognition.” — Clément Oberto, director

This video for rapper Lofty305 and beatmaker Torus is certainly sexy and NSFW — we're talking lots of nudity — but director Clément Oberto also has an amazing eye for stylish set-ups and a post Suicide Girls sensibility where the models come across as being more empowered than most video vixens.