SEVDALIZA "Human" (Emmanuel Adjei, dir.)

A hooded figure stalks the halls, beneath the watchful gaze of others in Emmanuel Adjei's haunting clip for Sevdaliza.

A simple, yet intense scenario unfolds here which scratches at a human desire to stare and to be stared at. And has a brave and beautiful visual twist. 

Adjei invites us to follow a cloaked ghostlike figure gliding through the hallways of a mansion. But once the figure reaches a large open space, populated by men watching from a balcony above, the true form of the figure is revealed.

Braids "Miniskirt" (Kevan Funk, dir.)

In what is possibly a star-making turn —even though this is from Braids’ third album — Raphaelle Standell-Preston sings into Kevan Funk’s camera amidst various types of nature. She sings about feeling slut-shamed and undergoing a bad break-up, things many people go through. Ultimately, though, it’s her performance, and Kelly Jeffrey's gorgeous cinematography, which makes a mark.