Daniel Carberry

The Trash Mermaids "Stoked On Life" (Daniel Carberry, dir.)

The Trash Mermaids' song "Stoked On Life" was written for Earth Day and all proceeds are going to Mission Blue for ocean conservation, a cause close to their hearts. Scarlett Blu wrote Stoked On Life while spending time in Hawaii, inspired by nature and feeling one with the Earth. Stoked On Life is about being in love with life itself and giving thanks to the nature that gives you joy everyday.

Ivy Levan "Hot Damn" (Daniel Carberry, dir.)

Ivy Levan - Hot Damn

Some wannabe Reservoir Dogs learn not to fuck with Ivy Levan's diner when she's on the grill. Despite that gritty/badass concept, director Daniel Carberry goes for a timeless b&w palette and styling that gets increasingly glamorous as Levan kicks more and more ass.

Now, if only she remembered to watch her back...