David N. Donihue

KSI "TRANSFORMING" (David N. Donihue, dir.)

It is at 4 million views in the first few days. This video is about what you choose when you realize all the people who tell you that they are afraid you will fail, are actually afraid you’ll succeed. 

This is an ode to the spirit to fight for what you believe you are suppose to be doing for this world. While for UK rapper KSI, the treatment came from such a personal place, I am excited to share it with you and my regular supporters in the press as well. Here is my newest, a proud effort indeed.

Andrew Rayel "Chased" (David N. Donihue, dir.)

Sports Illustrated Model Caitlin O'Connor terrorizes children while bunny hopping in “Chased”

Two kids, an 11 year old boy & girl, find an Atari 2600 video game console and cartridges in what looks like an Atari landfill behind their school. 

Once they plug in the 80’s archaic gaming system, it becomes clear that they are able to use their joysticks to take control of the School Principal (Sports illustrated Model Caitlin O'Conner) 

and School Cop (played by WWE wrestler Mr. Outrageous!

Moguai "Hold On" (David N. Donihue, dir.)

The innocence of the 50′s couldn’t have prepared them for what was to come. Spanning from 1939 to Present, Hold On tells the story of a soldier leaving his unborn child without a father and the child’s journey through life with a best friend turned soulmate. The video is a metaphor for what it’s like to stay true amidst the changing cultural ties and climates. We walk with him, as he relives the past and makes us wonder, what he is holding onto in the present…