Declan Whitebloom

Jess Glynne "All I Am" (Declan Whitebloom, dir.)

Jess Glynne's latest video for 'All I Am' shows a lighter side to the singer as she parties and holidays with friends in Rio.

'All I Am' gives a unique glimpse into the life of a pop star as Glynne rehearses, performs at festivals, and parties with Nile Rodgers before heading off on a girls' holiday to Rio. Taken from the Grammy Award-winning singers' upcoming LP ‘Always In Between’, the video marks Glynne's fourth collaboration with Black Dog Films' Declan Whitebloom.

Hilary Duff "All About You" (Declan Whitebloom, dir.)

Hillary Duff has a  mystery crush — but she also an Amazon Fire phone and a plan to find him via an album he left behind at a restaurant.

My question is: If you hate the usual "let's randomly shove it in" product placement technique, then how do you feel about a video like this where it's actually thoroughly integrated into the storyline and structure of the video?