Defected UK

Hercules and Love Affair "Do You Feel The Same?" (AlexandLiane, dir.)

Imagine being Beyond Thunderdome, but under the influence of psychedelics and more concerned with dancing than anything else. Welcome to this new Hercules and Love Affair video, which boasts a unique look thanks to styling by Bernhard Willhelm — who's worked with Bjork, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood — and shooting exclusively with Infrared cameras.

Franky Rizardo "Troubleman" (Rafe Gibbons, dir.)

'Troubleman' is an edgy, dark music video about a man who returns to the place where he had a relationship with a teenage girl there. Franky Rizardo's minimal Dutch House beats are accompanied by a visually suggestive narrative of strange faces, narrow alleyways, and resurfacing memories. Like a London version of Lolita, it explores alienation, sexuality, and the subconscious.   

Tensnake "Mainline" (PONDR, dir.)

Tensnake feat. Syron - Mainline (Official Video)

The "everything old is new again" adage is alive and well in both the music and images of this clip from German DJ Tensnake. He's not shown here, but vocalist Syron is. Acrylic fingernails, the hoop earrings, what may or may not be K-Swiss sneaks, single pastel-colored graphics, dance moves people of all ages could likely do: They're all here.