Denise Watts

Jason Derulo "Marry Me" (Hannah Lux Davis, dir.)

Hey, she ain't the girl from "The Other Side"! No, she isn't. This IS Jason's current GF Jordin Sparks on top of a vintage piano watching Jay serenade her throughout this video filled with plenty of product placement (oh hai, Michael C. Fina!), playful kitchen behavior (honestly didn't expect the flour message), and hopeful glimpses of a bright future for these two. Really, though, with a song title of "Marry Me", what other images could there be in a clip like this?

Theophilus London "Rio" (Tim Cruz, dir.)

Theophilus London - "Rio (feat. Menahan Street Band)" (Official Music Video)

Although "Rio" might bring to mind images of beaches and butt-floss (or Duran Duran, if you're old), director Tim Cruz keeps things gritty (yet still sexy) with a performance video that takes place in contrasting black and white interior locations. 

Jason Derulo "The Other Side" (Colin Tilley, dir.)

Jason Derulo - "The Other Side" (Official HD Music Video)

Love comes crashing into Jason Derulo in this flashy video where director Colin Tilley keeps the edit on edge by flashing between a drunken bedroom collision and what may indeed be an eventful car ride. Mixed in throughout is crazy acrobatic dance scenes on a neon-flashed set, making for what looks/sounds like something designed to rev up the charts.