Dim Mak

Autoérotique "Asphyxiation" (Amos LeBlanc, dir.)

Autoerotique - Asphyxiation * Music Video *

If you're a fan of the workout porn of Eric Prydz "Call On Me," say hello to your new favorite video. Be sure to click fast, because there's a good chance that YouTube censors will not smile upon the swaths of skin in on display in this dodgeball battle of the sexes. 

WATCH IT: Robert Raimon Roy "Little Egypt Wavy" (PJB, dir.)

The ruler Rob Roy is back, this time going under the more formal moniker Robert Raimon Roy. Fans of earlier clips like "Fur In My Cap" and "Carmencita" needn't fear: He's still in a forest of weed/trees and a woman still figures prominently, even if this time she's in rollers and everything is cloaked in various VHS-era effects. --> watch "Little Egypt Wavy