Passion Pit "Carried Away (remix)" (Carlos Lopez Estrada, Dir.)

Passion Pit - Carried Away (Tiësto Remix)

Nothing like powdered substance to help you get carried away. In this case, some fun loving youngsters get insanely kinetic via colorful granules that cause them to physically split apart and defy gravity and physics. Things get progressively weirder — the splitting effect soon jumps to inanimate objects, adding transmogrifying properties along the way — but the party keeps on raging.

El Sportivo And The Blooz "Waking World" (Carlos Lopez Estrada, Dir.)

El Sportivo & The Blooz- "Waking World"

A man riddled with bulletholes can't be stopped in this beautiful new video from director Carlos Lopez Estrada. No spoilers here, but I like to think Estrada is also haunted by memories of Rambo and Bjork. PS: That's fellow director Isaac Ravishankara in the lead role. How's that for Synergy?

Director Travis Kopach on Kid Rock "Let's Ride"

Travis Kopach, director:

"As a director (and skateboarder) run production company, we did what we’ve always done: That is, make videos that make sense for the song.  There’s no need for a five page in-depth article about how and why this was made.  I’m not that kind of director and this isn’t that kind of music video.

'Let’s Ride' is about going to war and the willingness to give your life for your country.  Kid Rock has always been a strong supporter of the troops and I have a brother going through basic training right now.  We did what made sense; we shot a giant performance in Detroit and set it against real footage of troops on the ground.  It’s stripped backed, it’s real and it’s anti Hollywood."