Dustin Supencheck

Our Last Night "Ghost in the Machine" (Marty Kane, dir.)

Director: Marty Kane Director of Photography: Dustin Supencheck Producers: Brendan Garrett & Kyle Cogan 1st AC: Lili Soto Gaffer: Jenn Cohen-Harriman & Adam LoNigro BBE: Lauren Ussery Key Grip: Sargon Saadi BBG: Henry Martinez & David Gilmore  Production Designer: Matthew Steinbeck Production Assistants: Robert Main & David Moore Hair & Make Up: Laci Riley & Celine Allan Editor: Kyle Cogan Visual Effects: Marty Kane  Colorist: Jason Grinde of Lonely Cactus Production & Post Production: Simian Design

Starset "Satellite" (Kyle Cogan, dir.)

Featuring: Matt Pratt & Erika Citrano

Director: Kyle Cogan  Director of Photography: Dustin Supencheck Producer: Marty Kane 1st AC: Michael McClure  Gaffer: Zach Zeidman G & E Swing: Matthew Planer Key Grip: David Gilmore HMU: Celine Allan VFX: Simian Design Assistant Editor: Bridget Arnet  Sound Design: Aidan Brezonick Video Commissioner: Brooks Chip Jones Record Label: Razor & Tie Director Representation: Emily Sanders of Reveur

Breaking Benjamin "Never Again" (Kyle Cogan, dir.)

Director: Kyle Cogan

Featuring: Matt Pratt, Val Vega, & Michael Alan Lyle

Producers: TJ Connor, Drew Morris, & Megan St. John

Cinematographer: Dustin Supencheck

2nd Unit Cinematographer: Tom Kinstle

Gaffer: David Gilmore

Production Designer: Matthew Steinbeck

Stunt Coordinator: Matt Pratt

Hair & Make Up: Laci Riley

Additional Cast: Gwen Van Dam & Jerry Hoffman

Production Assistant: Logan Ferrozzo

Concept by: Jake Andrews & Kyle Cogan


Post Producer: Marty Kane

Editor: Kyle Dunleavy 

Norah Jones "Tragedy" (Aidan Brezonick & Chris Birkmeier, dir.)

Directed by Aidan Brezonick & Chris Birkmeier 

Featuring: Candice Heiden

Executive Producer: Kyle Cogan Producers: T.J. Connor & Marty Kane  Cinematographer: Dustin Supencheck  Assistant Camera: Kristin Mendez Wardrobe: Alaina Moore Makeup and Set Deck: Angelica W. Malerba Choreography: Candice Heiden

Editor: Aidan Brezonick  Animation: Marty Kane

Production Company: Simian Design Representation: Charlie Twaddle of LARK Creative Record Label: Blue Note Records/Universal Music Group

The Virginmarys "Motherless Land" (Kyle Cogan, dir.)

'Motherless Land' is about getting away from it all and deciding to live off the grid. The video peers into the fascinating American teenage subculture of train hoppers. It's a defiant, romantic, crust-punk love story of two young drifters as they search for their next meal and adventure across the country while enduring the challenges of life on the road.

The entire video was shot over 10 days. 7 Days on a 1500 mile road trip across the American West and 3 days on closed sets in the Chicagoland and Indiana area.