Dylan Marko Bell

Diana DeMuth "Rose Of Nantucket" (Nicholas Sutton Bell, dir.)

"Diana DeMuth’s Rose of Nantucket is such a powerful song.

Once we settled on the concept of roses being everyday people, it was only a question of where to find them. For that, we chose Vegas. Not the typical Vegas with it’s bright lights and big money, but off-the-strip, where tourists don’t typically go.

Every city has it dark corners, and more often than not they hold the brightest lights. You have to be willing to look. We wanted to find real people from all walks of life and show that we are all human, lost, flawed and beautiful." 

Red Sun Rising "Emotionless" (Dylan Marko Bell, dir.)

In this futuristic, sci-fi world "imago therapy" has advanced into Virtual Reality sessions. 

Couples are placed into a virtual reality dream state where they are able to communicate, release frustrations and emotions without repercussion. Since they are interacting with an emotionless avatar of their lover, supposedly no harm is done.