The Moth & The Flame "Young & Unafraid" (Rebecca Thomas, dir.)

Having a skateboard magazine rip your video off YouTube, remove the title and post it on Facebook without any credit or linkage is certainly bad Internet etiquette, but the kind of thing that happens all day every day. Except in this case, the Facebook rip became a viral hit with three million views, with the vast majority of people never connecting the dots to the band The Moth and The Flame and the elder skateboard star Neal Unger. That is, until a vocal Reddit campaign and a dedicated fanbase made sure that the Internet would eventually force the magazine to right that wrong.

Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" (Emil Nava, dir.)

Look, this song will be played at weddings from now until eternity, so why shouldn't Ed Sheeran beat everyone to the punch and show you how graceful that first dance could look? And the fact that this is an intricate routine that's just begging for real couple to try and replicate at their weddings means that this could go very viral. Or, at least, serve as a great audition for Dancing With The Stars.

Fences f/ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Arrows" (Jason Koenig, John Keatley, dir.)

Time's arrow, love's arrow, fate's arrow... Sometimes they hit their target, sometimes they don't. Fences gets a bullseye, however, with a winning track that gets taken to the next level thanks to contributions by old friends Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis. The video is a similarly big affair, filled with multiple set pieces where arrows fling out in all directions as Fences finds his way and Macklemore tries to balance his love with the pitfalls of fame.