Ellie Johnson

Fake Blood "All In The Blink" (halcyon, dir.)

Fake Blood - All In The Blink (Official Video)

halcyon - that’s Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White – have ‘unearthed’ a lost film of scientific experimentation from the 1970s…. experiments at ‘Zenith Medical Technologies’ in the field of ‘ecteneic energy’ which are murky, dangerous, and ultimately devastating.

Mark Knight "Your Love" (halcyon, dir.)

Mark Knight - Your Love (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

"We wanted to make something dark and immersive that kept with the underground feel of the track whilst exploring the idea of DJs with cult status"

Toolroom label boss Mark Knight teams up with halcyon – Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White – for the promo to Your Love.

The directing duo marry the filtered synth-driven club stormer with a trippy, largely slow-mo promo, peppered with cool lighting FX and some creepy unease provided by the masked revellers…

By halcyon - on April 23, 2013 @ 6:50am PDT