Epic Records

Bobby Shmurda "Bobby Bitch" (Clifton Bell, dir.)

When your debut single hits the top 10, gets you a fat major label record deal and the video inspires a dance that shows up everywhere from bedrooms to a stadium stages, you get to indulge any fantasies for your follow-up video. "Bobby Bitch" is maybe best described as Shmurda's Angels, as a trio of gun-toting vixens shake their asses and protect their man. 

Wallpaper. "Hesher" (Frank Door, dir.)

Why Go Dumb when you can go Hesher? Skewed hip-hop prankster Wallpaper aka Ricky Reed returns with a Grunge take on the Oakland Hyphy classic where the only thing you ghostride is the toilet. 

Frank Door, director: It’s a grimey DIY style video, booked only four days prior. It’s a standard Wallpaper video, only what usually takes 18 hours to do is condensed into six: moshing, pissing in water bottles, breaking shit, and RickyNovena spitting a half-High Life / half-water concoction into each other’s mouths.... #Hesher. 

Bonnie McKee "American Girl" (Justin Francis, dir.)

Bonnie McKee might sound a little Taylor Swift-ish but her attitude runs way more towards old-school P!nk. Director Justin Francis has Bonnie (co-writer on hits like Katy Perry's 'California Gurls') engaged in the majority of great American summer activities - shoplifting from the corner store, cruising the mall, and then hitting a pool party - all with her own brand of swagger.