Retox "Mature Science" (Simon Chan, dir.)

Retox 'Mature Science'

Directed by Simon Chan, the new video features the band in a riot-like scenario, where the band kidnaps a police officer and brings him to an undisclosed location. The disturbing story unfolds in 2:47 minutes, ending in an intense, bloody scene that can only be fully realized by watching the video.

Bad Religion "True North" (Zach Merck, Dir.)

Bad Religion - "True North" (Official Video)

"True North" surely shares some inspiration with the Replacements classic spinning vinyl video, but director Zach Merck focuses more on the listener here than the platter. A young punk puts on the new Bad Religion and loses himself to the music, finding inspiration and community. Which is surely the way it's always been and always will be for bands like this.

WATCH IT: Tom Waits "Hell Broke Luce" (Matt Mahurin, dir.)

Director Matt Mahurin delivers a distinctively dark blend of gothic surrealism to this Tom Waits march about the absurd awfulness of war. The images come at a steady clip, but the main image is of Tom dragging a house through dangerous ground on a journey that could be as futile as everything else. Even if that's the case, this four minute journey is more than worth your time, since genius don't come 'round too often. --> watch "Hell Broke Luce

Tom Waits "Hell Broke Luce" (Anti)Matt Mahurin, director