Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy "Irresistable" (Wayne Isham, dir.)

If you're gonna parody '00s pop and especially NSync's "It's Gonna Be Me" video, then who better to make it happen than that video's original director, Wayne Isham? Also along for the ride are guest singer Demi Lovato, NSync members Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick, plus some old marionette toys of the band inspired by their "Bye Bye Bye" video (which was also directed by Isham).

Now, when do those Fall Out Boy toys hit the shelves?

Fall Out Boy "Centuries" Hyperlapse Video

There's an easy press win to be had by being the first to make a music video with whatever is the video app of the moment. In this case we have Hyperlapse — an ingenius iPhone app which doesn't quite realize that the killer app part of the equation is not the timelapses, but the way it uses the device's gyroscope and other sensors to digitally stabilize your footage — and Fall Out Boy deliver a tour of Chicago, using the app and some anaglyph effects to serve the same purpose that a lyric video or other teaser would. 

So, consider this a win — if it's not the first hyperlapse video, it's certainly the first by a band of international stature — even though there's honestly not all that much to hold your interest unless you a) really love Fall Out Boy b) really love Chicago and c) really love hyperlapse.