Fleur & Manu

A$AP Rocky "Everyday" (Emmanuel Cossu, Fleur & Manu, dir.)

Every good Hollywood story starts with a body in a pool, whether it be Sunset Boulevard or this new A$AP Rocky video with Miguel, Mark Ronson and Rod Stewart. The Sunset/A$AP connections don't stop there either, as it slowly becomes clear that "Everyday" is also about an aging star who's staying ready — by any magical, or surgical means available — for when that spotlight returns.

Drake "Energy" (Fleur & Manu, dir.)

Some supremely creepy FX let's can see what people look like when they get infected with a bit of Drake. Some of the Drake-ified notables here include Oprah, Justin Bieber, OJ in the White Bronco, Toronto mayor Rob Ford and even a Ken doll. But, of most interest to you are likely the video parodies, which include Miley Cyrus in "Wrecking Ball" and Kanye in "Bound 2". 

Gesaffelstein "Pursuit" (Fleur & Manu, dir.) [NSFW]


You can watch this and wonder where the money to do something this big came from, or how they pulled off each sequence, or even what it all means. I suggest you just sit back and take it all in as you back your way out of the usually unseen controlling apparatus of a futuristic society. 

PS: There's nudity. And sci-fi. Use caution.