Frank The Plumber

WATCH IT: Midi Mafia "Last Call" (Justin Purser, dir.)

Director Justin Purser and Midi Mafia seek to duplicate the success of  "2Piece" and "Phamous" with this video for this similarly Jersey Shore-approved track. They head back to Vegas with another YouTube celebrity — this time it's Timothy DeLaGhetto — delivering another club banger while being sure to spotlight all those casinos that were smart enough to know the value of integrated exposure.

WATCH IT: Death Angel "Truce" (Robert Sexton, dir.)

Every music video director seems to have a yet-to-be-produced screenplay, so why not grab a scene from it and make it into a music video? Longtime metal director Robert Sexton borrows from his Sleep No More script — a horror flick co-written with Fangoria's Jack Bennett —  for this new Death Angel video, bringing to life a gnarly autopsy scene in which the organs and muscles are harvested for meat, and then replaced by mysterious vials that get sewn back up in the cadaver. Not recommended viewing for your lunch break. --> watch "Truce"

WATCH IT: Midi Mafia "2 Piece" (Justin Purser, dir.)

When nothing sells, there is no selling out. The viral gangbuster "2 Piece (So Cosmo" by Midi Mafia — ranked #1 on the AdAge Viral Chart with close to four million views in a week, thanks to a debut on the massively popular YouTube channel, The Station — is about as apologetically shameless as can be with Cosmopolitan Magazine namechecked in the lyrics, featured on various props and worked into a concept about a Cosmo Bikini Bash. And, with that much skin showing, why not get Nivea on board for a similar look. Oh, the Cosmo Bikini Bash? That's an actual annual event, held at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas, where this video was shot. Welcome to the future of the music (video) biz?

WATCH IT: Korn "Oildale" (Phil Mucci, dir.)

While everyone is rightfully focused on the ecological damage caused by the Gulf oil spill, this Korn video is essentially a look at the other frightening effects of the Drill Baby Drill mantra. Set in drilling town Oildale, CA, the band comes across as the most normal thing in this wasteland of oil derricks, trailer homes, wild animal kids, freakish locals and no hope at all. Think of it as a mash-up of the post-oil apocalypse of The Road Warrior with the morality and cast of River's Edge. --> watch "Oildale (Leave Me Alone"

SHOT: Romance On A Rocketship - John Asher, dir.

  • artist: Romance On A Rocketship
  • song: "Skin & Bones"
  • label: Beluga Heights/Island/IDJMG
  • director(s):  John Asher
  • production co:  Frank The Plumber
  • producer: Court King
  • DP: Joe Labisi
  • editor: Ethan Shaftel
  • exec producer: Jack Hogan
  • commissioner: Davina Gazo
Director John Asher is newly signed to Frank The Plumber...  He comes mainly from a TV background, having directed episodes of One Tree Hill and other series...