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Theophilus London "Rio" (Tim Cruz, dir.)

Theophilus London - "Rio (feat. Menahan Street Band)" (Official Music Video)

Although "Rio" might bring to mind images of beaches and butt-floss (or Duran Duran, if you're old), director Tim Cruz keeps things gritty (yet still sexy) with a performance video that takes place in contrasting black and white interior locations. 

WATCH IT: Miggs "Girls & Boys" (Justin Purser, dir.)

Rock trio Miggs taps into The Station — a YouTube collective that boasts a crop of cybercelebs and well over 100 million views spread between its main channel and TheStation2 — in this video about trailer-park teenage drama. Station/YouTube gal Nikki Limo stars in the video, wanting to escape from both a love triangle and her middle of nowhere home. --> watch "Girls & Boys"