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The Used "Rise Up Lights" (Lisa Mann, dir.)

For the second single of The Used's new album "The Canyon", the band once again reaches out to film director Lisa Mann for "Rise Up Lights". The imaginative Mann, writes an intimate narrative  and casts dancer and choreographer William Yong as the lead.  The clip immerses it’s audience into a glimpse of the day in the life of a man imprisoned within his own mind. In an environment both stunning and surreal, contrasting beauty and ugliness, freedom and restriction, the man moves between self-inflicted pain and explorative dance.


The Used "Over and Over" (Lisa Mann, dir.)

The Used reached out again to film director Lisa Mann for their highly anticipated new album "The Canyon". In the video for the album's first single "Over and Over", Mann’s imagery portrays the psyche of lead singer Bert McCracken's strict Mormon upbringing, and the childhood memory that inspired the song: McCracken pretended to be sick in order to stay home and watch Michael Jackson dance on TV. The video features choreography and dance by William Yong, movement and dance with McCracken and the band, and heightened, dreamlike imagery inspired by McCracken's story.

Bayside "Time Has Come" (WATTS, dir.)

Committing perpetual suicide to create the world's greatest pasta sauce. The Oujia board smells of gasoline. Don't get too cuddly with the teddy bear. What's lurking in the baby pool? He only snorts the albino rats.

Captured in photos in Canoga Park, California. WATTS cast themselves and friends to pull the various stunts and tricks cluttered throughout the video. Enjoy forwards or backwards. Grip tightly, breathing in short bursts.