Infectious Music UK

Cloud Control "Promises" (Keith Musil, dir.)

It might take a rewatching or two to piece together the mystery here — which is a smart trick for a music video — but you'll realize right off the bat that something is eerily wrong as a woman wakes up to an empty bed and then stumbles through a drunken date with a young man who looks very much like the prime suspect in a local murder spree...

These New Puritans "Fragment 2" (Daniel Askill, dir.)

These New Puritans - Fragment Two (Official Video)

It's not quite correct to call this gorgous b/w video a tracking shot through heaven, but I'm not sure if there's a simpler way to describle it. Director Daniel Eskill takes us through various terrains — some not so heavenly — as These New Puritans perform in the foreground.