Jack Black

Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Do "More Than Words"

When you think of directors Jonathan Dayton and Valeie Faris you probably think of their elaborate videos like Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight" or Red Hot Chili Peppers "Otherside" — and yes, if you don't live and breathe music videos you think of their 2006 hit film Little Miss Sunshine, or you have no clue what I'm prattling on about, in which case you're totally on the wrong site; go read a list on Buzzfeed or something. BUT, part of what makes Dayton/Faris great is knowing that sometimes simpler is better, as is the case with the seemingly off-the-cuff, but surely planned to perfection performance video for Extreme's 1991 "More Than Words" ballad. It's perfect — except maybe for the close-up of the album art on the kick drum, which I imagine was shoved in there by some marketing doofus.

Proving the longevity of this chestnut is viral master Jimmy Fallon, who teamed with Jack Black to recreate it note-for-note and practically scene-for-scene. Why is it funny? Is it how Black Fallon — a great band name if they team up, by the way — can demolish those fine lines between irony, seriousness, and ridiculousness? Or is it just the hair?

Full disclosure: I saw Extreme live earlier this year without any irony. They were better than whatever crap band you saw last night. Trust me.