Jake Nava

Lana Del Rey "Shades Of Cool" (Jake Nava, dir.)

It's hard to pin down what directly influences Lana Del Rey here... One moment we're in a David Lynch fastasy, the next we're in Marilyn Monroe territory, or maybe something a bit closer to Sharon Tate. It's definitely Hollywood and it's definitely noir — and yes, definitely cool — but it's also uniquely Lana Del Rey, even with all the clear, or hazy, precursors.

Beyonce "Mirrors [Pepsi spot]" (Jake Nava, dir.)

Pepsi Beyoncé "Mirrors" - Official 2013 video - #BeyHereNow

Even if "Embrace your past, but live for now" feels like a generic tagline some Mad Man has been pitching for years until Pepsi decided to drink the Kool-Aid (I mean, soda), it makes for an excellent Beyonce commercial that has her literally confronting her music past. All the old Bey' looks are nailed perfectly, which is no surprise, since spot director Jake Nava also directed "Single Ladies," "Crazy In Love" and several other videos for the pop music megastar.