Jamie Clark

Puma Blue "Velvet Leaves" (Harvey Pearson, dir.)

Harvey Pearson, director: "This was a really special project and the first job out of lockdown. Jacob (Puma Blue) came to me with this beautiful track and the touching story it told, one of family and getting through the hard times - balancing on the line of life and death. The video is a small tribute to Jacob’s sister, exploring memories and an abstract journey through mental health."

Disclosure f/ Mary J. Blige "F For You" (Kate Moross, dir.)

How distinctive and effective are the white line tracings that Disclouse have used on their album art, promo photos and nearly everywhere else? So much that they made an app where you can make and share your own. 

That style carries over to this collabo clip with the one and only Mary J. Blige, splitting the difference between performance piece, lyric video and animation.