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Jason Aita

The Belle Game "River" (Kheaven Lewandowski, dir.)

Just when you think this lonely Japanese gigolo — a "rent-boy", according to a Pitchfork interview with director Kheaven Lewandowski —is about to go all Travis Bickle afer a late-night beatdown, he instead journeys back to a simpler place and time. It's a simple storyline, but given an anthemic scope thanks to the grandeur and mystery of the Tokyo setting.

Majical Cloudz "Childhood's End" (Emily Kai Bock, dir.)

majical cloudz - childhood's end

Just when you think the old man has found a way to happiness in director Emily Kai Bock's beautifully cinematic and haunting b/w piece, you realize he's still stuck on the tracks. Literally.

PS: Character actor Kenneth Welsh plays the old man. And he's actually the real life dad of Devon Welsh aka Majical Clouds, which makes this video even more personal and powerful.