Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson "RAPIN*" (Gustaf Holtenäs, dir.)

Swedish singer/songwriter Jenny Wilson doesn't pull any punches on new album Exorcism, detailing her first-hand experience of a harrowing sexual assault and its aftermath. The confrontational and purposefully disturbing video "Rapin*" should come with a trigger warning: Hypnotic animation by Gustaf Holtenäs lures you in to bear witness to the horrifying, graphically-depicted events, forcing you to contend with the awful truth of sexual assault, even if it leaves you sickened (as it should). 

Jenny Wilson "Beyond That Wasteland" (Daniel Wirtberg, dir.)

A film by Daniel Wirtberg & Jenny Wilson

Beyond That Wasteland is a poetic depiction of being in a borderland, in the wake of the disaster. A place where one is forced to stay awake in order not to perish. It is a timeless ninja epos about facing an ultimate, life-changing decision – to resist or surrender.

Based on a poem and music by Swedish artist Jenny Wilson, created while undergoing chemotherapy treatments after being diagnosed with breast cancer.