Jonas Akerlund

Beyonce "Lemonade" Visual Album

Beyonce goes very big with Lemonade, a visual album that mixes the personal with the universal with the political in a nearly hourlong special consisting of poetry, music and visuals.

In terms of the visual, the biggest stamp seems to come from director Khalil Joseph, but the longform also has set-pieces (aka: songs) directed by Jonas Akerlund,, Melina Matsoukas, Jonas Akerlund, Mark Romanek, Todd Tourso and Dikayl Rimmasch.

Rose McGowan "RM486" [NSFW] (Jonas Akerlund, dir.)

Gen X pervs are probably very excited at the thought of actress Rose McGowan being topless in her debut music video, but anyone familiar with the starlet's body (ahem) of work — not to mention the oftentimes equally out there stylings of director Jonas Akerlund and his fashion director wife B. Akerlund — should not be surprised that this one is anything but straightforward.

Madonna "Bitch I'm Madonna" (Jonas Akerlund, dir.)

Bitch, she's Madonna. If she wants to gather a gaggle of freaks and celebrities for a nighttime adventure, then that's what she's gonna do. Director Jonas Akerlund captures a loose and wild, sexy and campy vibe, with on-site cameos by Diplo, Chris Rock and Rita Ora, with some after-the-fact contibutions from Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.

Star-Studded Bitch I'm Madonna Drops on TIDAL (Jonas Akerlund, dir.)

Wanna see the star-studded new Madonna video starring Her Madgesty alongside Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Diplo, Chris Rock and others? Well, you best be a TIDAL subscriber, or at least not burned through your free trial yet since that's the only place you can see it for now.

And before you bitch about it, remember: a) she's a TIDAL owner/partner/artist, and b) she's Madonna, so she can do as she pleases.

Meerkat and Madonna Get a Video Premiere Mulligan

Everyone loves to be the first to premiere a music video on a new platform, and any new platform would certainly love if that artist is of the caliber of Madonna. That's assuming the technology works, of course.

New app/service Meerkat, which allows any Twitter user to livestream video to all their followers, took a bow for Madonna's new "Ghosttown" video yesterday. Or, they were supposed to, but apparently technical difficulties got in the way.

So, if you were too busy on Periscope, you get another chance: The Meerkat/Madonna (re)launch happens at 1pm ET / 10am PT, where you'll get the first look at this new Madonna video directed by Jonas Akerlund (who also directed her "Ray Of Light" video)