Jonathan Sela

Michael Jackson x Justin Timberlake "Love Never Felt So Good" (Rich Lee, co-dir.)

In a way, there's likely more Michael Jackson in this video than on this posthumous "contemporized" version of a previously unreleased song. Justin Timberlake easily steps into the main role here, keeping a smile on his face and replicating some iconic moves — needs. more. moonwalk. — on some sets that also shout out various MJ video classics, like the "Bad" turnstiles and the "Beat It" pool hall. For good measure, we also get archived shots of the main man in NTSC action, plus lots of fans to dance and smile along to the groove.

Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" Smashes VEVO Single Day View Records

Miley Cyrus won't stop, not when she's on a roll that's taken her from the "former Hannah Montana" to undoubtedly the biggest pop star in the world in just a few months.

New video "Wrecking Ball" shattered the VEVO single day viewing record, previously set at 12.3 million views by OneDirection's "Best Song Ever" — a number which Miley and her big ball smashed in approximately 12 hours.

It's currently at 16 million views, in less than 24 hours.