Jose Gonzalez

Calexico "Falling From The Sky" (Mikel Cee Karlsson, dir.)

Falling From The Sky, or How Jose Gonzalez Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Worm. 

Oddities abound here — from Jose Gonzalez being in a video for Calexico song that actually features Band Of Horses singer Ben Bridwell, to the creepy relationship with an ugly worm — but answers might be forthcoming in a follow-up video that's for a Gonzalez track. Or maybe not.

Jose Gonzalez "Leaf Off / The Cave" (Mikel Cee Karlsson, dir.)

It may seem like that olde time religion, by Jose Gonzalez is repping for Sunday Assembly, a "non-religious community that meet regularly to celebrate life" founded by two comedians in car (note: neither coffee, nor Jerry Seinfeld was involved).

While it's not religion, per se, we do get to witness little moments of transcendence and realization in portraiture moments as Jose performs and SA co-founder Sanderson Jones whips up the not-congregation.

Jose Gonzalez "Every Age" (Simon Morris, Chris Higham, dir.)

We've seen the Tiny Planet effect in videos before — most prominently in Booka Shade's Crossing Borders," where footage from multiple GoPro cameras mounted on a drone got seamlessly stitched into a globe of sorts — but, we've never left the planet before... until now.

Take a ride into orbit with Jose Gonzalez in this breathtaking and unexpected video...