Kanamé Onoyama

Octavian & Take a DayTrip "Poison" (Crowns&Owls, dir.)

‘Poison’ Lust? Love? All the same no?

Rap artist Octavian collaborates with Directors Crowns&Owls to bring us a well executed video that floats us into alluring in-camera trickery, tasteful styling and beautifully composed shots.


You can say it’s much easier when the track’s a banger but having artists that are also up for breaking the mould makes the process enjoyable to say the least;


Directors Crowns&Owls

Nicolas Godin "Bach Off" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

A woman with a briefcase, an empty airport hall at night and a band playing a song. Is "Bach Off" the original soundtrack of a spy movie, or a movie that is born around an incredible song ? At the end of this 8 minutes long steadycam ride on the edge of film, live performance and music video, you'll probably agree that it's a little bit of both...