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Kate Miller

BEARTOOTH "Agressive" (Drew Russ, dir.)

If you've been watching the 2016 Presidential Clusterfuck unfold, then maybe you've felt the same rageful POV that drives this seriously Aggressive video. Our antihero collects some weapons, dispenses with the pharmaceuticals, and sets out to violently expose the truth about Candidate Canis.

Remember to vote, kids. Unless you're not old enough.

Chris Cornell "Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart" (Jessie Hill, dir.)

The Wild West was surely never quite as weird as it is in this new video for Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell. Besides a co-starring role by Eric Roberts — who seems to pop-up in videos way too often — we also get a switcheroo concept Cornell avoids the noose thanks to a sultry seductress, but winds up being saved by somebody completely different.