Kelly Jeffrey

Braids "Miniskirt" (Kevan Funk, dir.)

In what is possibly a star-making turn —even though this is from Braids’ third album — Raphaelle Standell-Preston sings into Kevan Funk’s camera amidst various types of nature. She sings about feeling slut-shamed and undergoing a bad break-up, things many people go through. Ultimately, though, it’s her performance, and Kelly Jeffrey's gorgeous cinematography, which makes a mark.

Cazzette "SLEEPLESS" (Peter Huang, dir.)

Peter Huang, director: "I always said throughout filiming, 'I hope some bubbly 13-yeard old who really loves EDM ends up bursting into tears at the end of this video. Only then will I be satisfied. Somebody provide me with proof that this has happened."

Something is clearly amiss when we enter the posh home where a latenight hook-up is about to ensue. The camera lingers on that kitchen island knife block a touch too long. The woman can curiously work the on-wall custom whole-house music system without any direction. And, what's that noise?

It's more short film than music video, and it certainly doesn't have a happy ending, so bubbly EDM fans should definitely brace themselves...  

RLMDL "Bilingual" (Sean Cartwright, dir.)

Produced in co-operation with the MuchFACT (A Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) PromotFACT Award Program, sponsored by M3, a division of Bell Media Inc.

Lead Actress: Haley Kriksic

Special Thanks: Joey Whitelaw (Heratics), (Headdresses provided by) Marie Copps, Jordan Allen (RLMDL), Luke Duross, Corey Brown, Julie Dutton, Angela Higham, Elise Mercier, Emily Fitzpatrick, Melissa Bryanton, Maya, Adrienne Hobfeld, Lisa Carson, Joey Hinds, Mackenzie Grace, Kara Halfidson, Gianna Minenna & Eva Michon.