Kheaven Lewandowski

Fur Trade "Same Temptation" (Kheaven Lewandowski, dir.)

Weekly World News may have stopped publishing their awesome/asinie paper in 2007, but the legacy of Bat Boy lives on in this video for Hot Hot Heat singer Stephen Bays' new project, Fur Trade.

Director Kheaven Lewandowski goes for a deeper character study here, focusing on our hero's quest for acceptance amongst the other neighborhood boys — which is a weird choice, since Bat Boy's true story includes capturing Saddam Hussein, flying to space and even biting Santa Claus.

Director Emily Kai Bock Wins Prism Prize for Arcade Fire "Aferlife"

The second annual Prism Prize, celebrating the best Canadian music videos, took place last night in Toronto.

Director Emily Kai Bock took home the $5,000 Grand Prize for her masterful narrative Arcade Fire "Afterlife" video. Director Kheaven Lewandowski won the audience prize via online voting for The Belle Game "River" video.

Creative team Scott Cudmore and Michael Leblanc received the inaiugural Arthur Lipsett Award, established to recognize an innovative and unique approach to music video art; Director Floria Sigismondi received the inagural Special Achievement Award.

Also of note: Emily Kai Bock was a guest on CBC radio show As It Happens discussing her win, working with Arcade Fire, and why it's OK for a video to make you cry.

The Belle Game "River" (Kheaven Lewandowski, dir.)

Just when you think this lonely Japanese gigolo — a "rent-boy", according to a Pitchfork interview with director Kheaven Lewandowski —is about to go all Travis Bickle afer a late-night beatdown, he instead journeys back to a simpler place and time. It's a simple storyline, but given an anthemic scope thanks to the grandeur and mystery of the Tokyo setting.