Kiran Mandla

Moody Good "Musicbx" (Max McCabe, dir.)

Max McCabe at COMPULSORY has directed a video for Moody Good's 'Musicbx' ft. Ft. Eyrn Allen Kane, that details the highs and lows of one man's addiction. But this poor lost soul's drink problem is not the demon booze. 


*Nominated Best Editing UKMVA 2014* *Nominated Best Director - Berlin MVA's 2014* *Official Selection Krakow Film Festival 2014*

Directed by Max McCabe

Produced by COMPULSORY.

Label. MTA Records Commissioner: Helena Antoniades @ MTA Records

Cloud Boat "Carmine" (Chris Toumazou, dir.)

Director Chris Toumazou focuses on themes of loneliness and isolation using a decidedly eery launderette as the backdrop. The characters are possessed by the voice of Cloud Boat singer Tom Clark, as a way of sourcing attention and affection from one another.


Directed by Chris Toumazou

Produced by COMPULSORY.

Label. R&S/Apollo Records Commissioner: Tom Lilley

Director of Photography: Robert White Focus Puller: Sam Ardley Clapper Loader: Joel Honeywell Gaffer: Nick Leishman

Location Coordinator: Nikita Patel