Kodaline "Love Will Set You Free" (Courteney Cox, dir.)

You likely won't get invited to Courtney Cox's house anytime soon, so you'll need to settle for this video, which was directed by and features a cameo by the Friends star. Locations bounce around Los Angeles, but includes what looks like her beach house (spoiler alert: it's really nice) where Kodaline works on the song, which was produced and co-written by Cox's fiancee Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol.

Kodaline "All My Friends" (Lewis Cater, Dir.)

Kodaline - All My Friends

Lewis Cater, director: "I am a massive Spike Lee fan. Do The Right Thing is one of my all time favourites and it really inspired some of the set ups in this video.  I set out to create a tale of friendship, morality, trust and deception. There is a sense of reality behind this too so I wanted the viewer to warm towards the boy, adore him and understand the life he leads."