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WATCH IT: Carly Rae Jepsen "This Kiss" (Justin Francis, dir.)

The swirling emotions of young love are front and center in all of Carly Rae Jepsen's music, and director Justin Francis has created a teen-dream party that pulls viewers into that delicious-yet-dangerous feeling. The visual twist is that the party has photo backdrops set-up so Carly and her girls can imagine themselves as the Go-Gos, Wes Anderson characters and even Marie Antoinette. When Carly's boy-crush finally catches up, the fantasy becomes reality and she takes the candy-colored plunge. What is more pop than that?  --> watch "This Kiss"

Director Chris Marrs Piliero on RZA/Black Keys "Baddest Man Alive"

Does anyone remember the big-budget soundtrack video? Aside from the occasional Twilight or Hunger Games tie-in, they've largely gone the way of soundtrack albums, made somewhat irrelvant by the post-iTunes "why buy compilations when you can buy singles" marketplace.

The interesting thing about soundtrack videos was they'd usually have a top-notch director, a generous budget, and then they would saddle it with a requirement that a certain percentage of it had to be film footage. The simple way out was just to intersperse movie clips with band performance, but there are other ways to work that footage into a narrative.