Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey "Tropico" (Anthony Mandler, dir.)

Lana Del Rey's "Tropico" is more ambitious that almost any other music video you've seen this year — and not just because it's 30 minutes long. Director Anthony Mandler and Ms. LDR create their a sort of Pop Bible here, starting with creation and a Garden of Eden, with Jesus, John (Wayne), Marilyn (not Manson) and Elvis (certainly not Costello) peering down from up high.

And that's just the first couple minutes before the Fall... The rest is much more sinful, believe me.

Consider this a must-watch, especially if you have an appetite for a proudly blasphemous and cracked artfilm that should tickle fans of  Tony Scott and Oliver Stone's more visionary works.

Lana Del Rey "Chelsea Hotel No 2" (Ant Shurmer, dir.)

Lana Del Rey - Chelsea Hotel No 2

Hero of the Internetz or Source of Everything Wrong, Lana Del Rey (and yes, those are the only two choices) is back with a video for the Leonard Cohen classic 'Chelsea Hotel No 2.' After getting much bigger and grander with her recent videos, Lana returns to what looks like a really well-done version of the earliest, self-made clips that launched her career.