Lily Allen

Lily Allen "As Long As I Got You" (Chris Sweeney, dir.)

Saying the new Lily Allen video was shot around her appearance at legendary UK festival Glastonbury may have you thinking: self-indulgent, boring, live crowd, etc. Not with Lily Allen, who has a lifelong personal connection to the fest, having attended every year since she was a little kid, and a greater interest in showing the people and the vibe than a heroic look-at-me performance. 

It's kind of like Woodstock, but without any mention of the toilets or the brown acid.

Lily Allen "Sheezus"

Sheezus might be a play on Yeezus, but the title track boasts something more akin to a pop version of the Kendrick Lamar "Control" verse, calling out (trolling?) every other female pop star. The visuals have a graffiti vibe which starts dark, gets angelic and then finishes out as evil as she wants to be.

Lily Allen "Hard Out Here" (Christopher Sweeney, dir.)

You think starting a family has toned down Lily Allen's snarkiness? Judging by this commentary about sexism in the music industry... she's just getting started again, picking up where "Stupid Girls" left off. The lyrics obviously make this NSFW, but that's to be expected. Welcome back, Ms. Rose Cooper.

Ed. Note: The only thing that's unclear is whether the blatant product placement here is meant to be ironic. Me thinks not. 

Pink "True Love" (Sophie Muller, dir.)

P!nk - True Love ft. Lily Allen

Pink welcomes us inside her life on the road with husband Corey Hart and daughter Willow. There's equal amounts of live performance and some pop-art fantasy sequences that depict the highs and lows. Lily Allen also gets a solo spot, although the way she chops that carrot is a clear tip-off that she's not found True Love yet.