Lol Crawley

Max Ritcher "In The Garden" (Mark Nunneley, dir.)

Max Richter explores time and memory in his latest Deutsche Grammophon album, Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works. Richter’s album stems from his longer score for Woolf Works, choreographer Wayne McGregor’s first full-length creation for London’s Royal Ballet. The video from RSA Film's Mark Nunneley sees projections of ballet dancers laid over a Max Richter studio session. 

Elliot Power "Murmur" (Toby Dye, dir.)

Toby Dye, director: “This video is the result of a really enjoyable collaboration between Elliot, James Lavelle and I. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of cities photographed by night and when I heard ‘Murmur’, with its undertones of hazy noir, I knew that nocturnal London, in all its beauty and brutality, was the perfect setting for the video."

Arcade Fire Announce "The Reflektor Tapes" Film with "Porno" Video (Khalil Joseph, dir.)

"I'm not interested in something that's not all-in"...

Return to the Reflektor ball with Arcade Fire and director Khalil Joseph with this music video "Porno" and the corresponding feature-length film The Reflektor Tapes, chronicling the creation and subsequent tour in support of the group's ambitious 2013 album.

"Porno" is a haunting multi-layered piece, ping-ponging from bliss to chaos as it jumps from the recording studio in Haiti to an arena stage and back and forth again.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Higgs Boson Blues" (Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, dir.)

Some may view this performance clip as rambling ruminations of a grumpy man in his mid-50s, wondering what the heck is wrong with this world. I view it as a man in his current element, wondering what the heck is wrong with this world.

Important notes here:

1) "Higgs boson" is an elementary particle discovered last year that is heralded in the physics world as perhaps the biggest breakthrough in that field - the "missing piece" in the puzzle of possibly explaining the entire structure of the universe as we know it. This is giving physicists an existential crisis, leading them to ask themselves, "What's next to discover? Is there anything left?" So I guess Nick's "rambling" sorta makes sense. Metaphysical sense.

2) This video was shot approximately seven weeks before the twerk seen 'round the world took place, so those particular lyrics you'll be thinking about after hearing this... wonder what Nick thinks about it now.

The Civil Wars "The One That Got Away" (Tom Haines, dir.)

Perhaps the name was a bad omen, since The Civil Wars are now in a state of polite strife — officially on hiatus due to "internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition," despite just releasing a brand new album that debuted at #1. It's a sad situation, even if you've been hoping/praying/waiting for a modern version of the Richard and Linda Thompson break-up classic, Shoot Out The Lights.

Obviously, neither Civil Wars member appear in the video. Director Tom Haines instead unfurl a haunting tale of love and death with a crew of modern-day rail jumpers that fits the band's vibe and current situation like a glove.