Lucie Red

Luke Sital-Singh "Greatest Lovers" (Handheld Cine Club, dir.)

From HandHeld Cine Club:

So, its kind of a Bonnie & Clyde (ish) Fandango...about the life and love of two people and how that love changes over time from the lust and excitement of their whatever that ends up being..

We could've chosen any kind of couple to portray this but we felt that couples staring at each other with a bit of lens flare looks rubbish. With that in mind we went with guns and gas masks..which is always the better option. 


Superfood "TV" (Zac Ella, dir.)

Zac Ella, director:

Daydreaming can cause the mind to wander into a series of unexplainable wormholes..just like channel surfing on TV.

One moment you are in one place... the next moment you are in another place... and the next you just have no recollection in where you are or how you got there...and now I'm about to start waffling.

This is a music video for SUPERFOOD's track entitled TV. Viva 4:3!