Lykke Li

Lykke Li "Never Gonna Love Again" (Philippe Templeman, dir.)

When you're reeling from a broken heart, hardly anything affects you - even the unexpected. As Lykke Li says herself in the Youtube comments for this clip: "Loneliness and heartbreak follows you everywhere and they are loudest right after the lights go out and the crowds quiet. Here's is an intimate glimpse of how it can be to live your dream whilst stuck in your dream."

David Lynch and Lykke Li "I'm Waiting Here"

David Lynch & Lykke Li - I'm Waiting Here

Unless you're squarely in the "It's the drive, not the destination" school of road tripping, this video for David Lynch and Lykke Li could strike you as a bit of a letdown. Especially if you've been hoping for a sequel to the filmakers crazy "Crazy Clown Time" video.