Marisa Garner

Rita Ora "Poison" (Cameron Duddy, dir.)

Stardom as an instant glamour model can be a bitch. Or maybe, it's just the photographers who discover and explout these beautiful people who are truly the bitches. Such is the situation in this tale of Rita Ora going from a street savvy headturner to a glossy pin-up girl under the watchful eye of a creepy Warholian predator type who peels her away from her man.

Johnny Cash "She Used To Love Me A Lot" (John Hillcoat, dir.)

Nickajack Cave holds a special place in Johnny Cash lore. It's where he went, in 1967, with a plan to die. Instead, he had a spiritual awakening, walking out with faith in a higher power and a resolve to get clean.  Fittingly, Nickajack Cave is where director John Hillocoat begins and ends his video for the "found" Johnny Cash track "She Used To Love Me A Lot," off Out Among the Stars, a collection of previously unheard recordings by the music legend.

John Hillcoat, director: 'She Used to Love Me A Lot' contains all the hallmark brilliance of Cash. The honest simplicity and deep conviction of his delivery shines through. The lyrics seemed to speak to America as it is now, to the nation that loved him and to the great divide he fought so hard against. This divide has only grown exponentially since he died, so we wanted to show America under this stark light and as a homage to the very reason Cash always wore black: to the shameful increase of the disenfranchised and outsiders. At the same time, we wanted to reference the great man's own struggle and journey from the love of his life to the burnt out ruins of his infamous lake house home, personal photographs, the cave where he tried to take his life but then turned it all around, the place he last recorded in and his last photo before his passing." [source]

The Wanted "Show Me Love (America)" (Frank Borin, dir.)

Director Frank Borin tells us about the ending that was shot and almost used for The Wanted "Show Me Love (America)" video...

Frank Borin, director: "The great thing about The Wanted and their whole team is that there's an open line of communication where everyone just gets on the phone and hashes out the idea, which is helpful because they always have tight deadlines due to their touring schedule and only having a small window to shoot.  The main goal for everyone was to take a more mature approach with both their look as well as the storyline, elevating their style over their previous videos.

The one thing we all debated about on the phone was how to end the video and we ended up shooting two different endings.  One of the endings, which is what is in the final video, is a kind of Sliding Doors movie moment where the couple just misses each other and what could have been is just an echo in our minds.  The other ending had the couple reuniting in the middle of the street with a big Ryan Gosling The Notebook worthy kiss only to get hit by an approaching bus.  The cynical side of me wanted to go with the bus ending, especially since we shot it in such a unique and elegant way of slowly seeing the bus emerge over the course of 10 seconds from being out of focus behind them to in-focus, and finally hitting them.  But the Sliding Doors ending felt better and more fitting with the emotional tone we achieved, so Sliding Doors it was!"