Michael Lawrence

Roy Orbison "One Of The Lonely" (Michael Lawrence, Alana Lawrence, dir.)

I've mentioned before that I love the idea of making new videos for classic songs, right? Well, it's especially true when they come out as pretty in pink as this video, which is the best and creepiest usage of a Roy Orbison track since that time Dean Stockwell delivered that glorious homage to a Candy Colored Clown in Blue Velvet.

Wise Blood "Rat" (Michael Lawrence, dir.)

Wise Blood - "Rat" (Official Video)

Michael Lawrence, director: "I took a train to Pittsburgh with two bags, some ideas and a camera. Chris (Wise Blood) and I drove around his hometown for five days, got into trouble, set some things on fire, filmed most of it, and made a video. Hope you like it."

Alan Wilkis "Old-Fashioned Girl" (Michael Lawrence, dir.)

ALAN WILKIS "Old-Fashioned Girl (feat. Joywave)" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

It's a typically Coney Island love story with Fabrizio Goldstein aka Fat Jew The Hunk trying to dance battle his way back into his girl's heart... [SG]

Glasperlenspiel "Nie Vergessen" (Michael Lawrence, dir.)

Glasperlenspiel "Nie Vergessen"

A German-language music video from director Michael Lawrence...[SG]

A couple recount their memories in the blink of an eye in this Michael Lawrence directed clip for Glasperlenspiel's "Nie Vergessen", shot on location in Lisbon, Portugal.