WATCH IT: Tame Impala "Feels Like..." (Joe Pelling & Becky Sloan, dir.)

I wish Tame Impala were New Zealanders so I could do a big riff on how this video reminds me of the great animation work of Kiwi indie rock icon Chris Knox, who directed some great DIY clips, including "The Joy Of Sex," "Half Man, Half Mole" and lots more. Alas, Tame Impala are from Australian and one mixes up those two countries at their own peril. Yet, one should never pass up a chance to turn people onto Chris Knox. So there. --> watch "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards"

WATCH IT: Beni "Someone Just Like You" (Jared Eberhardt, dir.)

Don't get hypnotized by those introductory kaleidoscopes, because director Jared Eberhardt keeps taking this Beni clip to unexpected places. The motif is actually a troupe of nearly naked women — festooned with what looks like fawn-tail merkin and various projection/video treatments. There's also a recurring skull image that makes sense in an ending sequence that discofies Dali's naked lady skull. --> watch "Someone Just Like You"

WATCH IT: The Rapture "Sail Away" (Kris Moyes, dir.)

Rapture singer Luke Jenner lassoes a crumpled mylar food bag and rides it through Brooklyn, held aloft by the power of two shofar and shell blowing pseudo-Hasids. Only in Brooklyn, kids, only in Brooklyn. --> watch "Sail Away"

The Rapture"Sail Away" (Modular)Kris Moyes, director/editor | Chavvah Stuart & Stine Moisen, producer | Ghost Robot, production co | Las Bandas Be Brave, rep | Adam Newport-Berra, DP 

WATCH IT: Sneaky Sound System "We Love" (Ollie Evans, dir.)

Things are quite sneaky in this seemingly, yet not really NSFW video for Australian dance act Sneaky Sound System. There's shadowplay that looks downright nasty but turns out to be chaste enough when the lights get turned on, while a series of phallic and/or double-entoudre items get displayed to make this the cheekiest (no pun intended) video since "Cherry Pie". --> watch "We Love"