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The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame "The New Great Depression" (Will Kindrick, dir.)

We all have monsters. You're not alone. 

“For the video,” says the band, “we wanted to find a way to personify various inner struggles that we carry with us every day – the hidden parts of ourselves that can bring us both weakness and strength throughout our lives. Director Will Kindrick is a visionary – he started from that simple idea and turned it into something more beautiful and moving than we could have imagined.” -M&TF

The Moth & The Flame "Young & Unafraid" (Rebecca Thomas, dir.)

Having a skateboard magazine rip your video off YouTube, remove the title and post it on Facebook without any credit or linkage is certainly bad Internet etiquette, but the kind of thing that happens all day every day. Except in this case, the Facebook rip became a viral hit with three million views, with the vast majority of people never connecting the dots to the band The Moth and The Flame and the elder skateboard star Neal Unger. That is, until a vocal Reddit campaign and a dedicated fanbase made sure that the Internet would eventually force the magazine to right that wrong.

The Moth & The Flame "Winsome" (Rebecca Thomas, dir.)

Buy song here: http://goo.gl/glVWHW Music by The Moth & The Flame Website: http://www.tmtfmusic.com  Gaffer and Moth Woman: Tennille Olsen Production Designer/ Mermaid: Audrey Bagley Extra eyes: Sadie Colvin, Brittany Aliene Tolman Production Assistant: Tyler Colvin, Lyle Friedman Watch Director Rebecca Thomas' critically acclaimed film 'Electrick Children' Netflix: http://goo.gl/BIxut8 Itunes: http://goo.gl/pbKVXY