Jose Gonzalez "Leaf Off / The Cave" (Mikel Cee Karlsson, dir.)

It may seem like that olde time religion, by Jose Gonzalez is repping for Sunday Assembly, a "non-religious community that meet regularly to celebrate life" founded by two comedians in car (note: neither coffee, nor Jerry Seinfeld was involved).

While it's not religion, per se, we do get to witness little moments of transcendence and realization in portraiture moments as Jose performs and SA co-founder Sanderson Jones whips up the not-congregation.

The Knife "Full Of Fire" (Marit Ostberg, Dir.)

The Knife - Full Of Fire - Official video

Chaos and order uneasily dance with each other in this short film that serves as the music video for "Full Of Fire," the first new proper release by cult dance act The Knife. It's nine minutes of narrative that might not make sense on first viewing, unless you read the directors statement provided by

WATCH IT: M83 "Wait" (Fleur & Manu, dir.)

"Wait" feels like a perfect video in our final pre-apocalyptic days (or can I stop worrying?) ending M83 and directing team Fleur & Manu' trilogy about magical kids on a gracefully epic note.

Fleur & Manu, directors: " 'Wait is' the final episode of the trilogy. The end point of this great visual collaboration that has been ongoing with M83 throughout 2012. We felt it was important to re-connect with a meaningful subject that would have an echo in today's world. The promise of a new cycle, seen through the kid's eyes." 

WATCH IT: Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus (remix)" (Patrick Daughters, dir.)

Even though I'm not sure if witches are supposed to float or sink when puritanical nitwits dump them into the water, I'm pretty sure that it's a supernatural sign if/when the body levitates out of the water. And, I'm also pretty sure this video directed by Patrick Daughters is a pretty inspired companion to this remix of the Depeche Mode classic, "Personal Jesus." --> watch "Personal Jesus (remix)"

WATCH IT: Liars "Scissor"

Liars frontman Angus Andrew is a survivor, floating along in a life raft in the middle of the ocean. Problem is, it keeps filling up with stones that come splashing out of the water and into his vessel. Escaping to a nearby boat doesn't offer any respite from the stoning problem. In fact, things only get much more hectic. Moral of the story: Sometimes you can't escape a sinking ship. --> watch "Scissor" [note: Video Static provides music video promotion services for Mute Records]