Never Ending Fun

All We Are "Honey" (Never Ending Fun, dir.)

Comment from the directors: Perfectly normal day in coastal Ireland.

In the words of All We Are, the video for ‘Honey’ “tells the story of a ghost observing the life of its former lover and the restiveness of the subject matter, juxtaposed with the upbeat nature of the tune, was captured perfectly by director Stephan Agnew. The Lynchian world of the ‘Honey’ video has a macabre and hellish feel that's tense and unsure and gives a feel for the purgatory like existence the ghost is living."

Aborist f/ Kim Deal "Twisted Arrow" (Never Ending Fun, dir.)

A trip back to Stephen (of Never Ending Fun)'s native Northern Ireland for this passion project. Made with the support of Generator NI and NI Screen; the video was shot over St Patricks Day weekend in Ireland. The NEF guys take a look at an underrepresented aspect of Northern Irish life in this charming and heart felt documentary.